About us

Polish Society for Somatic Experiencing (PSSE) is a non-governmental organization associating Trauma Therapy Practitioners with the use of the SE™ method.

The primary goal of the Association is to alleviate human suffering, treat and prevent the consequences of shock, injury-related, developmental, relational and emotional trauma, the effects of extreme or chronic stress in the form of psychosomatic disorders as well as post-traumatic and combat stress disorder.

Such goal is fulfilled through promoting prophylaxis and therapy, educational, research and scientific activities in protecting and promoting health, social assistance, as well as fitness and sports. The application and development of trauma therapy using the Somatic Experiencing® is done in cooperation with NGOs, educational, research, health and sports centers, state and local authorities, other institutions and organizations, as well as private individuals.

PSSE was established at the founding meeting by 21 members on 26th August 2017. Registered on 04/04/2018, KRS number 0000725920. REGON (Business ID): 369855224; NIP (Taxpayer ID): 7811969520 The full PSSE Statute can be downloaded here:

» Download the PSSE Statute

We cooperate with:

EASE https://somatic-experiencing-europe.org

SETI https://traumahealing.org

PSSE management:



President: Marek Małkowicz

Deputy President: Elżbieta Moryto

Deputy President: Klaudia Angela Grabska

Treasurer: Justyna Mingielewicz

Secretary: Magdalena Nawrocka


Review Committee

Katarzyna Gołębiowska

Barbara Grumuła

Urszula Bartnikowska